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The Dispossessed of Colombia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Dispossessed of Colombia - Essay Example Women were also looked down upon and not given enough opportunities in life. Their plight was miserable because of the government not being able to take a stance in their lives and help them prosper in any way. Thus, this paper helps to provide an insight into the socially rejected lives of Colombians who were blacklisted and not cared for by the government, and how despite being neglected by society, they tried to live their lives somehow. The book tells a number of stories mostly with respect to violence and the impact of violence on people in and around Colombia. It is mostly about the kind of military violence that many families were forced and subjected to and how their innocence was snatched away from them as they were made to flee their homes. Every story has one single commonality – the danger of meeting death and destruction. This fear was stark in every person’s mind living at the time in Colombia. ... The struggle is always present in their lives as they are not able to help any kind of situation that they have been thrust within. In one of the stories, a young girl by the name of Angela speaks out in a horrified manner, having witnessed war and crimes at a tender and early age, â€Å"My father wants to go back†¦because he says everything is going to be difficult here. But I don’t want to go back.† 1 The worst part about being a part of the disposed people, according to the author and general view, is that such people can never find a place where they will be able to live life freely and be comfortable in. Fear has become imbibed in their minds to a very great extent. For them, there are no sides because they could be attacked by anyone at any point of time. According to another victim of this violence in the book by the name of Tonito, his outlook towards the situation is as such; â€Å"I thought to myself, no, it’s better to go back and look for death than wait for it to find me.†2 (Goring, Ruth) The most interesting part about the author’s writing is that he is able to bring out both sides of the coin within the country of Colombia with respect to its violence. He says that the victims always remain the same groups of people as well as the same families, even if the people attacking might be different groups at different times. Thus, these displaced people are the ones that were hit the worst because of the guerrilla warfare that had been going on within the country at the time. Another victim, Ninfa, expressed her views very solemnly as she saw her husband being killed in front of her eyes; a livid image that will probably never leave the realms of her mind and leave her scarred forever. She said, â€Å"The same people who

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Against Media Censorship Essay Example for Free

Against Media Censorship Essay * On television, music, and most websites, they inform the user about the contents of their website, song, or show; but others (like YouTube) put on age restrictions on them. * I’m sure most of you have had to go through these at some point in your life and have gotten upset when you can’t hear the whole song or watch the whole movie. * I’d like to explain to you all how Media Censorship is in direct violation of the First Amendment and how it can make it harder for kids to learn about certain aspects of life. * The First Amendment is one of our most important Amendments because it allows us, the citizens of the United States, to speak our minds about anything without legal government penalty. * Freedom of speech is no longer considered important to the government. People should be able to express themselves, whether it’s through music, movies, or anything, but instead they have to bleep the cuss for their song to go on the radio and block the inappropriate parts on a movie which can possibly cause a loss in entertainment or power in the message * The morals of people that have been hidden information from and the morals of the people who haven’t been hidden from are completely different. If certain things are hidden from people, then that gives people a curiosity in the subject and may cause people the use of illegal actions to obtain it. * Education isn’t something for kids need to be censored from. * People are curious about life and feel they need to learn more about it, if everything was censored then this can cause parents to be in uncomfortable situations and cause kids to ask more questions. * The government shouldn’t have to tell people what they can and can’t watch or listen to; this should be up to the person or the parents of that particular person. * The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) monitors every radio station, Television broadcast, and music broadcast to make sure that nothing inappropriate is said on the broadcast that they think may ruin the mind of the listeners. * Most music is censored while there are few artists that refuse to censor their music, and nearly all movies are also censored. * The First Amendment states that you have a freedom of speech and the FCC shouldnt be able to take that away. People can be better educated on topics if nothing is censored. * The sound of music and the graphics of movies are some things you all would most likely want to keep. * In conclusion, The media should not be censored and should not be allowed to be censored.

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Main Economic Features of Oligopolies and Price-fixing Theories Essay

Introduction Oligopoly, from the ancient Greek ÏÅ'ÃŽ »ÃŽ ¯ÃŽ ³ÃŽ ¿ÃŽ ¹ "a few" and πώÎ »ÃŽ ·Ãâ€š "seller" (Woodhouse, 2002), defines the market with a small number of large players. (Begg and Ward, 2009, B&W). To demonstrate a clear understanding of what it is and how it works, this essay will be tacitly divided in two sections. In the first section I will discuss oligopoly's definition, demand curve, main features and price-fixing. In the second, I will illustrate oligopoly by referencing the UK Beer Market, and the extent to which this industry could support price-fixing. Oligopoly: definition Under monopoly one firm has no rivals (Rittenberg and Tregarthen, 2009). On the contrary, in perfect competition many small firms co-exist, none with the power to influence price (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 2001). Equally important, as a combination of monopoly and competition, monopolistic competition represents the market with freedom to enter and many firms competing. However, each firm produces a differentiated product and therefore has some control over its price. Finally, oligopoly exists when few large firms can erect barriers against entry and share a large proportion of the industry. Moreover, firms are aware of their rivals and concerned about their response to competitive challenges (Allen, 1988). Consequently, oligopolies operate under imperfect competition. Demand Curve Oligopolies present kinked demand curves. These curves are downward-sloping, similar to traditional ones. However, they are distinguished by a convex bend at a discontinuity. This change in elasticity shows that price rises will not be match by competitors, yet prices reductions will (B&W). Therefore, firms will tend not to raise prices because a small increase will lose customers... ...n_law [Accessed on 21/11/2010]. Rittenberg, L. and Tregarthen, T. (2009). Principles of Microeconomics, 2nd edition. New York: Flat World Knowledge, Inc. Routledge, R.(2010). Bertrand competition with cost uncertainty. Economics Letters, no. 107, pp. 356–359. Sab-Miller Report. (2003). On-trade and off trade. Available at: [Accessed on 21/11/2010]. Sloman, J. and Sutcliffe, M. (2001). Economics for business, 2nd edition. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Vives, X. (2001). Oligopoly pricing: old ideas and new tools. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Woodhouse, S. (2002) English-Greek Dictionary: A Vocabulary Of The Attic Language. 10th edition. Padstow: TJI Digital. World Bank. (2010). Indicators by country. Available at: [Accessed on 16/11/2010].

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Abortion: One of the Most Argumentative Topics

One of the most argumentative topics with our court today is the topic of abortion. Abortion has been practiced in the United States since the founding of the Republic according to You debate. It all began when married woman moved to lower their fertility rates after 1830. it became a widespread practice held in the United States. According to You debate, doctor’s estimated that in the 1960’s through the 1970’, there was at least one abortion every four birth’s. One common worry that congress had was the safety of the mother’s during the abortion progress. Before 1973, â€Å" abortions were preformed illegally, and in unskilled ways, many woman died from the awful infections and intense bleeding. Hangers and other sharp objects were one of many objects used for illegal abortions† (you debate, 2). There are numerous reasons as to why someone would be for abortions, or against abortions. In my own personal opinion, I believe that a woman has a right to decide what she would like to do. This essay will consist of both pro’s and con’s of abortion. Also, it will include certain cases that been brought to the congress’s attention. Abortion is a topic that several Americans have expressed their concerns with. People have the right to their own opinion whether they are pro or con for abortion. There are several reasons for pro-choice. One according to WCLA, is that â€Å" we support reproductive freedom† which means that an individual woman should be able to make her own choice whether or not she is going to give birth to the child. Also, laws have never stopped abortion. When illegal abortion was the leading killer of woman in the United States, there was no right to life choice. Most people in the United States believe that abortion may be the morally right choice under certain circumstances. Some of those circumstances are for example when a woman is rapped. If a woman gets rapped, I believe that is she is pregnant by the man, that she does have a right whether or not to birth the child because of the circumstances. According to WLCA, â€Å" Many people who are personally opposed to abortion for religious or moral reasons also believe that it’s wrong to impulse their values by civil law on everyone. You don’t have to like abortion to respect the right of choice. Another argument that congress has had to face is whether the baby is considered a alive, or is not. According to WLCA, â€Å"The fetus is totally dependent on the body of the woman for it’s life support. The health of the fetus is directly related to the health of the pregnant woman. Only at birth are they separated. † A woman named Margaret Sanger said, â€Å" No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body. † Almost all legislatures who oppose abortion rights also support the death penalty. One might ask if they think that people who are are convicted of murder are no longer human. According to the WLCA, The Constitution protects various rights that are not specifically mentioned. The constitutional right of privacy has been interpreted repeatedly to include matters of marriage, sex, and family, specifically â€Å"the right to be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision whether to bear a child or beget a child. † The agreement among the people of the United States has grown in support. In 1982, an NBC poll showed that 77% agreed to abortion should be between the woman and the doctor only. Another poll showed that 5. 4% of rape victims become pregnant. This poll proved that people are becoming more sympathetic towards women who are being rapped and getting pregnant. Also, most medications are not completely 100% effective for getting pregnant. Because of this, abortion should not be a problem because all medications are not 100% effective. Also, some people cannot afford to pay for medications. Therefore, abortion would be necessary. According to WLCA, â€Å"The increase in teen sex has complex society causes, including sexually orientated such as TV, movies, and ads. Birth control and abortion don’t cause sex. † The Supreme Court, in 1976, reaffirmed that the privacy allows woman to be free of governmental interference in decisions about childbearing. The court struck down the law that the father of the child does not have a say so in the decision of his unborn child. The court came to the conclusion that the person who is physically bearing the child is more affected by the pregnancy. Another reason for abortion is that most unwanted babies are usually battered or even killed by the immature parents are not ready to raise a child. The parents may not want the baby, so there fore they do not show or give the baby the love that he or she needs. Most abortions are done for health reason. When is a woman is with child, there are several cases in which the mother could in fact become in danger is the mother does decide to bear the child. In some cases, the babies that are being aborted are unhealthy babies. The parents can try again for a healthy baby. Also if we have abortion clinics, there will be a less percent of â€Å"abortion mills†. These are places in which woman have high risks of being hurt by the people actually doing the procedure. One last reason according to WLCA, why abortions should be accepted in the United States is that when a child is in the wound, the brain and sensory waves do not develop until the 30th week. Most abortions do not accrue usually after the 24th week. There are several reasons as to why people do not accept abortion in the Untied States. People believe that human life begins when there is conception of a child. Therefore, it would be calling abortion murder. According to WLCA, â€Å"abortion is morally wrong. † wrong. † They believe that if you think abortion is morally wrong, you are obligated to work to make abortion illegal. People also believe that it is a sense of â€Å"decay† towards Americans. People believe that the fetus is not just part of the mother, but actually another separate human being. The argument that argues a woman’s rights to her own body are argued with the statement, â€Å"The right of the unborn to live supersedes any right of a woman to control her own body† (WLCA, 1 ). Abortion could also be wrong because it is described as taking a human life. Also, if abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, then why is it considered a constitutional right? People in the United States declare that we add an amendment that describes it as the human life amendment. This would consist of declaring a fetus a full person. Also, abortion should not be legal because of a rape situation. They believe this because the percent of woman who get pregnant after being rapped are very low. The question will always remain â€Å"If you are having sex, you should be able to pay for consequences. † Most Americans feel that if a woman is old enough to have sex, then she is able to take care of a child if she is aware of the idea of getting pregnant. According to DEBATE, â€Å"Teenagers are being les and less capable of saying no. Having the option of abortion increases the sexual experiences of teenagers. † People think that the teenager who is considering having an abortion, to consult their parents first. They believe that the parent will be able to help guide the teenager’s decision to a more moral outcome. Another argument is that most parents, who do not want the child at the time, want the child later on in life. There are several other negative effects of abortion such as woman who have died from legal abortion verses those who have died from illegal abortions. Study shows that if a woman has an abortion, then it could possibly affect her pregnancy later on in life. Adoption affects are also a strong case in congress with the subject of abortion. They want people to know that they could give birth to the child, and then give it up for adoption. There has also been a shortage is adoptive children because of the high numbers of abortion each year. In conclusion, there are several opinions on whether a woman has the right to carry her pregnancy to full term. There are several pros and cons about the topic abortion. In the United States, people battle with abortion everyday. This is a topic that may take several years to finally resolve with the Supreme Court. Is it that we are murdering a human being? Does a woman have the right whether to bear and have her child? Should the Supreme Court be for or against it? Both sides have very strong points of view about the positive and negative affects. With the case of Madsen V. Woman’s Health Center, the people protesting do have the right to their freedom of speech because it was not trespassing. But will it do any good or have any affect on the woman going in and out of the clinic? Who knows? This is a difficult decision that the Congress will have to decide. We may never be alive when this conflict is resolved.

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Family Dilemma In Sonnys Blues - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1377 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Sonny's Blues Essay Did you like this example? Sonnys Blues is a story written by James Baldwin about two brothers living in Harlem. The story starts when the narrator learns about his brothers imprisonment through a newspaper. His brother Sonny was caught using and selling heroin. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Family Dilemma In Sonnys Blues" essay for you Create order The narrator remembers his brother when he was young which makes him realize that his students may suffer the same fate. While in prison the narrator does not communicate with his younger brother until the death of his daughter. The two then remain in constant communication until Sonny leaves prison. Sonny then goes to live with the narrator. The narrator then remembers his childhood. He also remembers taking care of Sonny after their mother died. Their relationship is complicated as they disagree on Sonnys path in life. In the end, the narrator understands Sonnys struggles as he watches him on stage playing jazz. The primary dilemma facing the main character is if he whether to relate with his brother based on his own values or to respect his brothers perspective of life. This dilemma is related to the central theme of barriers in life caused by societal factors. At the beginning the protagonist decides to follow a paternalistic approach towards his brother which causes him conflict , he then chooses to listen to his brother after realizing that their environment was not conducive for success. The main character is the narrator of the story since the entire tale is about the life in Harlem and the actions of Sonny through his view and perspective. The narrators conflict involves raising his own brother so that he can be a great man. This conflict starts immediately he is forced into parenthood at an early age. While he is in the military, the narrator is told by his mother to take care of his brother after she dies. His mother insists that he should not leave his brother no matter what happens to him (Baldwin 108). He ignores her pleas as he believes that nothing wrong will happen. However, his mother dies while he still in the military. The main character begins to experience conflict as he does not know how to parent his younger sibling. Until this point, his interaction with his brother has been minimal. He even realizes that he has not been playing the role of a big brother effectively. The dilemma in the story is seen as the narrator is expected to make critical decisions about his brothers life. One crucial decision that the main character is supposed to make is about the career of Sonny. Sonny expresses his interest in being a jazz musician. The narrator, on the other hand, is influenced by the expectations of the society and his idea about how life should be. He believes that it is important for a person to finish high school first then he or she can proceed to follow his dreams. He also believes that a person needs to go to college. The narrator also prefers careers that look more serious. He then decides to persuade Sonny to finish high school first a decision that he is not sure of (Baldwin 112). The story shows that the narrator had a conflict with the decision he had made about the direction that Sonny should take. This is evident in the description of Sonnys life after his brother had returned to the military. Sonny was forced to live with his sister in law and her parents. At their house, Sonny was serious about his music and practiced the piano every day. He played the instrument immediately he came from school. Sonny also played the piano after dinner until everyone had gone to sleep. He also spent the weekends with the piano (Baldwin 112). This shows that Sonny was serious about his plans and willing to do anything to achieve his dream. The narrator, however, kept on using his values to judge his brother. This continued even after Sonny had stopped living with his sister in law and had joined the navy. It is expected that the protagonist would allow Sonny who is now an adult to make his own decisions. He, however, continues to disagree with his brother. The main character explains that he does not like Sonnys friends and his music career. He believes the music is an excuse to live an irresponsible life. Eventually, they have a serious fight, and Sonny tells the narrator that he should consider him dead (Baldwin 113). The author begins to doubt his methods of raising his brother as he fears that he is responsible for how his brother has turned. While his mother was alive, she put pressure on him by telling by telling the story of his father. His fathers brother who was hit by a vehicle and died immediately. This experience affected his father, and he never recovered (Baldwin 107). The main character remembers this story as his brother had become a drug addict. He feels as if he should have done better. The perception of failure by the main character is also seen as he describes his feeling after finding out that his brother was sentenced to prison. He compares his mood to a block of ice that is melting and also expanding in his stomach causing him pain. The narrator feels this way because he did not expect his brother to turn out the way he did. Sonny was once a young boy full of promise (Baldwin 99). The prison sentence adds more conflict on how he can integrate Sonny back to the society. He is worried that bringing him back home would lead to relapse since the area is the same environment which pushed Sonny to use drugs (Baldwin 105). This serves as the climax of the story as the author begins to focus on a different approach to their relationship. He starts to listen to Sonny so that he can understand his perspective and why he made the wrong choices. Sonny opens up and explains how the frustrations in life pushed him to drugs and a reckless lifestyle. The main character also accepts to go to Sonnys performance. Watching Sonny sing makes the narrator understand his brothers struggles and feel that they could repair their relationship (Baldwin 121). The primary dilemma of the protagonist is related to the central theme which is the impact of societal factors on the success of the individuals. Throughout the story, the narrator shows the influence of Harlem on his brothers behavior and their frustrations. He explains that it is normal for people living in the area to turn to criminals as they grow older. He attributes these frustrations to the lack of opportunities in the neighborhood. He provides an example of his students whose growth is likely to be stopped suddenly due to the low ceiling that is placed on their abilities (Baldwin 99). The protagonist also explains that the neighborhood has a permanent impact on someones life. He demonstrates that it is impossible to leave Harlem. If a person manages to get out, he has to leave a part of himself (Baldwin 105). This statement is evident as both Sonny and the narrator continue to live in the neighborhood several years later. Here the story shows that even though people take different paths in life, the outcome might still be the same due to the environmental factors. The protagonists dilemma could not be resolved at first since he believed that he could change the outcomes of their lives by following a different path. However, the central theme shows that he had to accept his brother first and accept the challenges that they both face. In conclusion, the primary dilemma facing the main character is if he whether to relate with his brother based on his own values or to respect his brothers perspective of life. At first, he forces Sonny to go to school and abandon music. This, however, fails as Sonny rebels and later on starts using drugs. Sonny is then sent to prison. The main character begins to believe that he is the cause of Sonnys failure. Later on, he starts listening to Sonny, and they improve their relationship. The protagonists primary dilemma is related to the central theme since it is evident that environmental factors beyond their control cause the failures of the main narrator and Sonny.

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Donald Trump Biography

Donald Trump is a wealthy businessman, entertainer, real estate developer and president-elect of the United States  whose political aspirations made him one of the most polarizing and controversial figures of the 2016  election. Trump ended up winning the election  against all odds, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton, and took office on Jan. 20, 2017. Trumps candidacy for the White House began amid the largest field of presidential hopefuls in 100 years and was quickly dismissed as a lark. But he won primary after primary and quickly became the most unlikely presidential front-runner in modern political history, vexing the pundit class and his opponents alike. Presidential Campaign of 2016 Trump announced he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination on June 16, 2015. His speech was mostly negative and touched on themes such as illegal immigration, terrorism and the loss of jobs that would resonate throughout his campaign over the course of the election cycle.   The darkest lines of Trumps speech include: The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have them.When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.Sadly, the American dream is dead. Trump largely funded the campaign himself. He was criticized by many leading conservatives who questioned whether he was really a Republican. In fact,  Trump had been registered as a Democrat for more than eight years in the 2000s. And he contributed money to the campaigns of Bill and Hillary Clinton.   Trump  flirted with the idea of running for president in 2012, too, and was leading that years field of Republican White House hopefuls until he polls showed his popularity sinking and he decided against launching a campaign. Trump made headlines when he paid private investigators to travel to Hawaii to search for President Barack Obamas birth certificate amid the height of the birther movement, which questioned his eligibility to serve in the White House. Where Donald Trump Lives Trumps home address is 725 Fifth Avenue in New York City, according to a statement of candidacy he filed with the Federal Election Commission in 2015. The address is the location of Trump Tower, a 68-story residential and commercial building in Manhattan. Trump lives on the top three floors of the building. He owns several other residential properties, however. How Donald Trump Makes His Money Trump runs dozens of companies and serves of numerous corporate boards, according to a personal financial disclosure he filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics when he ran for president.  He has said he is worth as much as $10 billion, though critics have suggested he is worth much less.   And four of Trumps companies sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection over the years. They include the  Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey;  Trump Plaza in Atlantic City;  Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts;  and Trump Entertainment Resorts. Donald Trumps bankruptcy was his way of using the law  to save those companies. â€Å"Because I have used the laws of this country just like the greatest people that you read about every day in business have used the laws of this country, the chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, my employees, myself and my family,† Trump said at a debate in 2015. Trump has disclosed tens of millions of dollars in earnings from: Residential and commercial real estate ventures, his most lucrative occupation.  Operating the Trump National Golf Club, which maintains 17 golf courses and golf resorts across the world including those in Scotland, Ireland, Dubai.Running the Mar-A-Lago Club resort in Palm Beach, Florida.Owning the Miss Universe pageant, from which he reported $3.4 million in income.Operating restaurants.Operating an ice skating rink in New York City, for which he listed $8.7 million in income.Speaking engagements, some of which bring in $450,000.A pension from the Screen Actors Guild that pays him $110,228 a year, from his roles in movies on television dating back to  The Jeffersons in 1981. Trump also appeared in Zoolander and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.His appearances on the reality television show  The Apprentice  and Celebrity Apprentice, which paid him $214 million over 11 years, the campaign said. Books By Donald Trump Trump has written at least 15 books about business and golf. The most widely read and successful of his books is The Art of the Deal, published in 1987 by Random House. Trump receives annual royalties valued between $15,001 and $50,000 from sales of the book, according to federal records. He also receives $50,000 and $100,000 in income a year from sales of  Time to Get Tough, published in 2011 by Regnery Publishing. Trumps other books include: Trump: Surviving at the Top, published in 1990 by Random HouseThe Art of the Comeback, published in 1997 by Random HouseThe America We Deserve, published in 2000 by Renaissance BooksHow to Get Rich, published in 2004 by Random HouseThink Like a Billionaire, published in 2004 by Random HouseThe Way to the Top, published in 2004 by Bill Adler BooksThe Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received, published in 2005 by Thomas Nelson Inc.  The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received, published in 2005 by Random HouseThink Big and Kick Ass, published in 2007 by HarperCollins PublishersTrump 101: The Way to Success, published in 2007 by John Wiley SonsWhy We Want You to Be Rich, published in 2008 by Plata PublishingNever Give Up, published in 2008 by  John Wiley SonsThink Like a Champion, published in 2009 by Vanguard Press Education Trump earned a bachelors degree in economics from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Trump graduated from the university in 1968. He had previously attended Fordham University in New York City. As a child, he went to school at the New York Military Academy. Personal Life Trump was born in the New York City borough of Queens, New York,  to  Frederick C. and Mary MacLeod Trump  on June 14, 1946. Trump is one of five children. He has said he learned much of his business acumen from his father. I started off in a small office with my father in Brooklyn and Queens, and my father said — and I love my father. I learned so much. He was a great negotiator. I learned so much just sitting at his feet playing with blocks listening to him negotiate with subcontractors, Trump said in 2015. Trump has been married to Melania Knauss since January 2005. Trump was married twice before, and both relationships ended in divorce. Trumps first marriage, to  Ivana Marie Zelnà ­Ã„ kovà ¡, lasted about 15 years before the couple divorced in March 1992. His second marriage, to  Marla Maples, an lasted less than six years before the couple divorced in June 1999. Trump has five children. They are: Donald Trump Jr. with first wife Ivana.Eric Trump  with first wife Ivana.Ivanka Trump  with first wife Ivana.Tiffany Trump with second wife Marla.Barron Trump with third wife Melania.

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Changing Attitudes Toward Stem Cell Research Essay

Changing Attitudes Toward Stem Cell Research There have been new disappointments in embryonic stem cell research since the days of euphoric endorsement of therapeutic cloning by the media and biotechnologists. In the past two years, initial enthusiasm over embryonic stem cells has been dampened in the scientific community by some sober realizations, even as patient groups organize public campaigns based on earlier assumptions. These cells are not as easy to maintain in the laboratory as once thought. Researchers call them tricky and more tedious to grow than their mouse counterparts, as well as really difficult to direct toward more specialized cells. The dream of immortal cell lines that will easily†¦show more content†¦The embryos to be destroyed by researchers in this campaign are at the same stage of development as embryos in the womb who have been protected as human subjects in federally funded research since 1975.(4) President Clintons National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) and its 1994 predecessor, the NIH Human Embryo Research Panel, conceded that the early human embryo is a form of developing human life that deserves our respect(5). Treating human life as mere research material is no way to show respect. Finally, this proposal is unnecessary because adult stem cells and other alternatives are already achieving some of the goals for which embryonic stem cells have been proposed, and new clinical uses are constantly being discovered.(6) In our view, human life deserves full respect and protection at every stage and in every condition. The intrinsic wrong of destroying innocent human life cannot be outweighed by any material advantage -- in other words, the end does not justify an immoral means. Acceptance of a purelyShow MoreRelatedHuman Embryonic Stem Cell Research2490 Words   |  10 PagesFederal Government to fund stem cell research through the National Institute of Health. There are various types of stem cells, but the policy issue mainly covers human embryonic stem cells. This policy revokes President George W. Bush s executive order 13435 which put heavy limitations on federal funding for stem cell research. Although this policy has already taken effect, there are still bans and immense regulation on particular methods of human embryonic stem cell extraction that involve theRead MoreAltering Humanity : Ethical Or Immoral2347 Words   |  10 Pagesa major part of genetic testing is conducted on human embryos . A human embryo is created by the union of a single male sperm cell and a female egg. After fertilization by the sperm cell, the egg begins to divide into more cells (Szumski and Karson 11). These human embryos are very versatile and undifferentiated cells. With the potential to become any type of tissue cell in the body, these human embryos have the ability to be inserted into a human and repairing injured or malfunctioning organs andRead MoreThe Endangered Species Act President Nixon1711 Words   |  7 Pagesare being trapped for the aquarium trade and fished for fun† (What). Prohibited hunting targets larger mammals who are then being traded and trapped in zoos, on the other hand, others are having their body parts being merchandised for biomedical research. The Endangered Species Act and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, have worked together to prevent the global trade of wildlife. Unfortunately, there is a vast amount of animals that cannot be protected from being tradedRead MoreEssay about Silver’s Remaking Eden and the Silver Screen1193 Words   |  5 Pagesscientific curiosity, then the attitude consumers have toward genetic engineering and cloning must be weighed and examined. Therefore, the question arises, â€Å"How do consumers form their opinions about cloning?† As a Communications major, I am aware that popular culture is one powerful way that ideas about controversial topics are communicated. Therefore this question becomes more specifically: What can popular movies (like Jurassic Park) tell us about people’s attitudes toward cloning and the forces Read MoreContemporary Islamic Views Assisted Reproductive Technology1539 Words   |  6 Pagesshould be mentioned, that the flexibility of scholars had not undergone much changes in nearly a decade. The comparison of conclusions between the previously mentioned workshop and the First International Congress on Bioethics in Human Reproduction Research in the Muslim World (1991) does not seem to present much difference. Nevertheless, the further in-depth examination of different Muslim teaching schools will show that religious scholars do not possess a universal viewpoint on ART. Previously, theRead MoreThe Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Services in the Future2627 Words   |  11 PagesThe Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Services in the Future Today’s world is ever changing and rapidly advancing and the future of healthcare services is very uncertain. In the coming years healthcare services will face both wonderful opportunities and significant challenges. In our essay we have chosen what we believe to be the most important opportunities and the toughest challenges that lie ahead for healthcare services. Some of the most fundamental challenges will be the obesity epidemicRead MoreIs It Morally Acceptable?3016 Words   |  13 Pagesof time. This could be because of people beginning to realize and understand that animals are beings that has a behaviour similar to our own and that they have the capacity to feel pain and be appreciative like humans do after years and years of research has been done on them. Individuals who own pets could also possibly perceive this kind of response exclusively to domestic animals such as dogs and cats. There s other ways why a person s perspective of animals in general varies either po sitivelyRead MoreChange Management Research6716 Words   |  27 PagesRunning head: CHANGE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH Change Management Research University of Phoenix Change Management Research Effective Leadership Ââ€" FP International FP International is a privately held company with 550 employees worldwide and over $100 million in annual sales in 2005. FP International manufactures packing products such as bubble, air cushions, Kraft paper cushioning and ready-to-use products, polyethylene foam, loose fill made of 100% recycled polystyrene or cornstarch and Kraft/bubbleRead MoreA Scientific Attitude Towards The World1763 Words   |  8 PagesIn addition, a scientific attitude towards the world (Leaman, 2005) is another understanding. The outcome of globalisation is that of modernisation through the concept of secularism, separating state from religion (Al-Roubaie Alvi, 2005). Removal of religious principles has introduced a conception of man-made rules (Al-Roubaie Alvi, 2005, p. 140) this is evident through deep-seated disbelief (Reed, 2005). It’s a spiritless world that is branded by economical and military power (Al-Roubaie AlviRead MoreIntraprofessional Conflict Cause Of Conflict In Nursing1187 Wo rds   |  5 PagesIntraprofessional Conflict in Veteran and Novice Nurses New graduate nurses are a valuable resource in the healthcare system. They bring fresh attitude, updated policy and procedure, and advanced education to hospitals, clinics and agencies. Although their employment and retention are essential for the upkeep in the nursing profession, they are sometimes exposed to unsupportive colleagues and workplace violence, especially by veteran nurses. According to Ebrahimi (2017) this type of discrimination